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We deliver gold medal pressure washing in Sammamish through methodical attention to detail using the most efficient equipment available to ensure your satisfaction. Our winner's formula combines the best of modern pressure washing technology with old-fashioned elbow grease for pristine cleanings at a great price. Champion Power Washing brings pristine cleaning service to homes and businesses alike with a full-service menu including house washing, graffiti removal, car washing, and specialty cleaning suited to any needs.

Whether you need a spring cleaning, want to boost curb appeal and property value, or are preparing for outdoor painting, we provide the washing services that turn your vision into a reality. Call or complete our online request form to secure a gold medal pressure washing service today for your Sammamish home or business!

The Key To Curb Appeal: Pressure Washing In Sammamish

Sammamish residents value pristine exteriors that sparkle. Our Champion Power Washing work gets that sparkle for you through detailed service at a great price. We treat homes as what they are - trophies of your success and wellbeing - and clean them with appropriate care fit for display. Pressure washing is the fast, efficient way to guard your home (and wallet) against premature repairs while maintaining your home's look with natural beauty and maximized curb appeal.

  • Pressure washing's cleaning potential is unmatched.
  • It protects homes against rot and discoloration while achieving full curb appeal potential, too.
  • Roof cleaning and house washing are our specialties - we ward off decay and protect roofs and siding through detailed work.
  • We work with clients of all kinds - check out our menu for full residential pressure washing and commercial options.

Sensational Savings: Sammamish Roof Cleaning

A quick walk around Sammamish neighborhoods will likely reveal manicured homes and lawns that ignore one key thing: their roofs. All the time we see roofs suffering from black streaks on shingles or other discoloration that subtracts from your home's potential. Roof cleaning may feel like a hidden expense, but it's money well-spent that often means thousands in savings down the line. When it comes to protecting major investments, good maintenance is always cheaper than unexpected repairs.

  • Roof cleaning helps prevent long-term rot and costly repairs.
  • Roof cleaning protects your ceilings and foundation by channeling water where it needs to go - away from the home.
  • Our roof services remove black streaks on roofs and help water and rainfall properly flow to gutters to protect landscaping and more.
  • You work hard enough as is. We take care of risky roof work so customers like you can relax.

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