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When it comes to fence washing service in Sammamish, Champion Power Washing is the winning choice for results that sparkle. Fences frame your home's outdoor space and are surfaces you'll want clean for outdoor gatherings that don't disappoint. Pressure washing performs intensive cleaning to remove dirt and grime that home tools can't reach! Residue and buildup from chemical, synthetic, and organic material may seep into your fence over time causing discoloration or damage if left long-term. Champion Power Washing's pressure washing experts are ready to restore your fence to its original shine. We know you have more pressing things to do as a homeowner and happily handle outdoor beautification so you have more time to relax!

Fence Washing

We recommend fence washing because it removes mold and other materials that build up over time. It's an important part of home maintenance most Sammamish residents annually undertake. You might be due for a fence washing if you've noticed the color has faded over time, and Champion Power Washing is ready to help get your fence back to its original shine.

  • Our top priority is leaving your fence in better shape than we found it!
  • Pressure washing fences requires special care and an expert's touch. Many fence surfaces have weatherproof coatings, and novice pressure washing mistakes can cause permanent damage.
  • Call Champion Power Washing for professional fence cleaning for satisfying results and a great price.

Reclaim The Grain

Champion Power Washing guarantees you'll enjoy the noticeable difference in your fence after one of our signature cleanings. Water, algae, dirt, and dust all love fences but are no match for professional cleaning from experts with next-gen tools. The most common symptom of fence buildup is wood that turns a yellowish-green color. This color distorts natural beauty and dulls your fence's wood grain beneath yucky layers of buildup. Champion Power Washing promises to reclaim your grain for a fence that shows off your wood's natural beauty inside and out.

Proper Precautions

If you have delicate, antique, or painted fences, don't fear because we've got solutions! Most fence types call for the soft washing method which treats materials with appropriate care. The soft washing process looks almost the same as pressure washing does, except it uses lower PSI than pressure washing (but more than a garden hose). We'll evaluate your fence's needs individually then hand-pick a cleaning solution best suited for your fence.

  • Pair fence washing with another service like patio washing for panoramic outdoor makeovers with reliable results.
  • Call or complete our online request form to secure premium pressure washing for Sammamish fences today.

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