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When you need heavy-duty car cleaning or want Sammamish car washing service at home, Champion Power Washing is the resource to call. We get undeniable and fast results worthy of a showroom floor by combining the best of pressure and car washing technology. We help our customers save time by being your one-stop-shop for your Sammamish pressure washing not only for building and pavement but for cars, too. We're happy to package car washing with other services such as house washing or garbage can washing for convenient bundled cleaning solutions.

Caution Under Pressure

You may be surprised to know that pressure washing is an increasingly popular way to wash cars. Many car owners are used to washing their vehicles with conventional low-power methods or at commercial drive-thru car washes, but pressure washing is on the rise as a favored method for car cleaning.

However, amateur car washing with a pressure washer can be dangerous. These are high-power tools that should be treated with care. We dial pressure in at the appropriate 1200-1900 PSI range which gets your vehicle clean while eliminating the risk of exterior damage from pressure that's too high. Our pressure washing goal is always to remove bad buildup and grime while leaving your original paint job looking crisp.

  • Pressure washing is great for detailing. Champion Power Washing's high-pressure solutions yield gleaming rims like you've never seen before
  • Enjoy crystal clear windshields thanks to next-gen cleaning
  • Our techniques blast away even microscopic dirt particles that are hard to see with the naked eye

Mobile Car Washer

Champion Power Washing's car cleaning services are well-suited to your on-the-go lifestyle. We're in the business of saving busy people time through services brought straight to your home. You can skip the line at the drive-thru wash while getting personalized detailed service that gets your vehicle looking like you just drove it off the car lot.

  • Flexible service with flexible times - Champion Power Washing adapts to busy schedules to make sure you get the car washing you need
  • Personalized detailing - unlike a drive-thru car wash, we bring personalized attention custom-tailored to your vehicle. Our level of detail is unbeatable
  • As Champions we enjoy the hard work few else dare to do and don't back down from a challenge
  • Have other vehicles or heavy machinery in need of washing? Ask about service for watercraft and other vehicles and we'll see what we can do. Pressure washing is especially good for cleaning mud-caked surfaces

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