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Big picture perspective

Over the years we've succeeded through perseverance in business and service to the people who keep Sammamish running strong. Your home is a small self-contained ecosystem full of moving parts that work together best when properly maintained. We take pride in helping customers succeed and are happy to play our role in home maintenance through Sammamish pressure washing at a great price. Pressure washing is effective, fast, and brings benefits that extend far beyond the naked eye.

  • The normal buildup of debris and plant material on roofs should be removed periodically for maximum roof function.
  • Roofs play a key role in home safety. They keep people and possessions dry while also diverting water away from the key parts of the home.
  • Pressure washing by professionals is the fastest, safest way to protect this vital part of your home.

Interlocking Systems Work Best When Clean

The roof locks into different systems: your ceiling, landscaping, and foundation. A well-maintained roof protects your home by channeling water to gutters and nowhere else. Buildup on your roof or in your gutters usually means rain will waterfall off your eaves and onto your landscaping and foundation. Water overflow can result in costly repairs by killing plant life in your yard or causing foundation rot. In worse scenarios, instead of flowing to gutters water might puddle or dam on top of your roof which will result in expensive rot or leaks in the ceiling.

Fortunately, there's an easy solution to protecting your roof - pressure washing. We recommend you have core home zones pressure washed at least once per year to ensure maximum lifespan.

  • At Champion Power Washing, we specialize in roof cleaning to protect roofs against rot while brightening curb appeal.
  • Pair roof cleaning with house washing or gutter brightening for a complete outdoor home makeover at a great price.
  • Gutter brightening removes deep-set plant growth and grime from gutters for a brighter overall appearance that's as good as new.

Protect This By Pressure Washing That: Little Things That Make A Difference

Home protection isn't always linear. Taking a step back to see the interlocking systems that work together in your home is a great way to improve your maintenance knowledge and see how parts of our home depend upon each other for proper function. Don't indulge the temptation to fixate on one or two home areas that clean easily! Instead, start building a great home maintenance plan that takes all factors - and all parts of your home - into account.

Essentials like gutters or roofs seem small alone, but when combined they build strong homes that keep your family cozy and dry! Champion Power Washing tackles clogged gutters with gold medal service that makes a difference in look and flow. We also offer comprehensive services like driveway washing for other surfaces prone to risks of debris and buildup.

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