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Diverse power washing flexibility

The greater Seattle area is full of opportunity and hardworking people from all walks of life. Some of us settle here for good while others are here for just a season of life. In either case, Champion Power Washing is here to help protect and maintain your home through quality pressure washing at a great price. We've earned our reputation as one of Sammamish's preferred pressure washing professionals through unbeatable results and gold medal service that blows the competition away.

  • A champion enjoys the hard work few else dare to do. We aim for meticulous, bold pressure washing in Sammamish worthy of the Champion Power Washing title.
  • House washing and roof cleaning are our specialties - we also have a full menu of other services including driveway washing and specialty cleaning for unique projects or requests.
  • We've worked hard in the industry to master our craft and bring clients results that save you money later and time now.
  • Our work scales from residential to commercial with flexible options for business owners like graffiti removal and dumpster pad cleaning.

Softwash Vs. Pressure Wash - Sparkle Under Pressure

Some pressure washing situations call for more delicate care than others. If you're concerned about damage to a delicate, painted, or antique surface your instincts are spot on! When evaluating jobs we may select the soft washing process. A soft washing process looks almost identical to pressure washing except it uses lower PSI for proper care and treatment. We typically use soft washing on roofs and home siding but it may be right for cleaning needs in other areas as well.

Cloudy Futures Get More Certain With Champion Power Washing Help

The fluidity of life and work in the greater Seattle area means residents need flexible service that rapidly handles their cleaning needs without compromising attention to detail. No matter what the future holds we rise to the occasion and do our part in helping you reach the next stage of your life. You might find yourself looking for a bigger house after a promotion and need regular professional cleaning help. Or you might be suddenly called away on business and need fast cleaning for rapid home resale. Whatever the case may be, we take pride in helping our customers succeed, and look forward to building relationships that help you reach your goals whether they're near or far.

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