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Common woes of sammamish climate

People from all over the world relocate to the greater Seattle area for work and leisure. The Pacific Northwest's mild oceanic climate is legendary for the pleasant and temperate weather, but this wide-ranging climate also requires us to be extra attentive to maintenance as the seasons change. Sammamish is close to local bodies of water as well as the Pacific Ocean, and with that proximity comes ample humidity.

  • Sammamish sits near the coast which can bring occasional humidity extremes and rainfall, especially in the summertime.
  • The temperate climate and humidity sometimes promote unwanted plant growth on your home's exterior.
  • A tell-tale sign of plant growth on exterior surfaces is greenish-brown or yellow discoloration on siding, sidewalks, and fences. Plant growth is especially common on north-facing walls.
  • The best way to remove exterior plant growth is pressure washing.
  • Pressure washing removes what fuels plant growth and leaves exteriors looking shiny and fresh.

A Common Complaint: Black Streaks On Shingles

Gloeocapsa magma - this type of algae grows on roofs in all parts of the USA. Gloeocapsa magma readily adapts to different seasons and climates and is particularly fond of roofing materials like asphalt shingles.

You might be expecting algae to have a greenish hue, and usually, you'd be right - but gloeocapsa magma is extremely flexible. It adapts to rooftops by growing thin black coatings that protect its vital cells from hot summertime temperatures and the UV rays of sunlight. No need to fear though, algae growth is extremely common and a top reason to choose pressure washing from professionals. Champion Power Washing offers gold medal rooftop service that restores curb appeal while protecting your roof's natural lifespan and beauty. Roof cleaning blasts algae away and is just a phone call away in Sammamish!

The Pressure Washing Difference

Pressure washing is the number one way to remove plant growth on exterior surfaces and restore color to roofs and siding. Less powerful techniques might remove the visual effects of algae growth, but a simple wash by hand or with a hose often leaves behind food sources that help growth return quickly with a vengeance.

  • We recommend most homeowners have their house professionally pressure washed at least once per year. Late spring after the pollen has settled is a popular choice for an annual cleaning.
  • Tough buildup and small micro-organisms are no match for our process which rips invisible plant life away while leaving surfaces intact.
  • Plant growth feeds on dust and dirt that normally builds up on surfaces over time.
  • Pressure washing removes the food sources of plant growth to extend surfaces' lifespan and save you money.

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